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I want to know how to move people into white forest.

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If you know someone with Pokemon Black and they are playing their game, go to the Entralink via the C-Gear (make sure Wireless is on if you're playing a 3DS). Enter the portal at the bottom of the area and head into the other players game. Go to the Black City, unlocked or not, and talk to some of the people there. With any luck, they'l turn up in your White Forest the next day.

In other words, you just someone you can steal residents from... :)

Hope this helps...

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You gotta get a friend with pokemon black and conecct to each other using Entralink. Then you have to go to Black City in there world and talk to people, then i think they ask you to take them to white forest.

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Conect to someone else's world (pokemon black) via entralink. Telelport to black city useing the teleportation device at the bottom screen. Talk to people and have them go back to white forest with you.

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