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It's slaking abilities... what for?

Figured I'd add my two cents worth:

Another good use of Traunt is in double battles, have something super fast use skill swap on Slaking, then pass it to your opponent.

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As Swampert recently educated me in Truant (And did a damn good job at that!), I can answer this with saying that it compensates and balances Slaking out, seeing as it has a massive Base 160 Attack.

If you space it out between the hindering of Truant, that's more like a 80 Base Attack, seeing as you're only attack half as often as the average Pokemon.

Just for balance reasons Bro. Imagine fighting Norman in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire; fighting against two Slaking without Truant, both able to (mathematically) hit harder than GROUDON. Yeah, I don't want to even dream about it either...shivers in fear

Thank you, thank you:)
Sorry for stealing your thunder, Bro. xD
Although it is possible to change its ability with moves like Gastro Acid and Worry Seed.
So technically if the Slakings didn't have truant, Norman could be just as hard as the Elite 4 if not more , if so, I'm with you there
yeah but u can usually one shot the opponent and move before them before ur 2nd turn
The moves Worry Seed, Entrainment and Simple Beam do not work on Pokémon with Truant.