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Is this normal--I got the event Victini in my White yesterday when I started over. I had gotten my C-Gear and was on route 3. Then I played later again that night. I just randomly clicked on Mystery Gift as a joke but then I got....Ta-Ta-Ta! An event Victini! Virtuso Victini I think. It knows V-create, Fusion Bolt/Flare, and Searing Shot. The moves is how I knew it was the Event one. Also I purchased my White a long time ago but I had just deleted my old stupid account 3 days ago. Now anyway, is this normal?

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Yes, that's  Virtuso Victini

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Yes it is. http://pokemon.marriland.com/ look right.

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thx for the info gotta get it now!!
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You probably didn't save the game after you got the first one
That's what happened when I got my Victini and thought I had 2 of them untill I checked my PC