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I'm playing EOT and my Starly is level 18 already. Is there a reason it hasn't evolved yet?

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You need to take Pokemon to the Luminous Spring to evolve them. This series is not like the regular games.

Brief explanation of Luminous Spring.

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Where is that?
Is that near the end of the game?
You unlock it after you beat the Story Mode(after Dialga is beaten)
Exactly what PokemonBlack10 said. But to evolve your OWn pokemon (for example I started with a charmander) you must be over lv 60, got manaphy on your team, and recruited both palkia and dialga on your team.
no you dont. it doesnt matter what level you are as long you are over the level you evolve in the main games. Yes you need manaphy but you also need him to show you marine resort which is a dungeon.You dont need palkia or dialga either