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I have recently breed a gabite it is now a lvl 38 it knows stone edge, earthquake, sandstorm, and dragon claw.

I am thinking of replaceing sandstorm for fire fang or fire punch becuase ice is it's main weakness I know stone edge covers it but i need coverage for mamoswine to and it helps with steel types with levitate.

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Fire Fang and Fire Punch are both Physical moves. Fire Punch is more powerful and more accurate so definitely go with that one rather than fang.

However, I personally would go for a fighting move since you get better type coverage - ice, rock, steel, dark and normal. Garchomp can learn Brick Break which is fairly powerful.

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thank you i will defenatly get brick break
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I think Pokemaster might be wrong. Punch and Fang both can burn, but Fang may also make a foe flinch, and Punch can't.

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Sinnoh champion is correct.

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