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I know Chatot because of Chatter, and Wobbufet because of his moveset+ability, but why Luvdisc?

Wobbufet isn't banned.
In some places, Wobuffet is banned.
Wobbuffet is uber and banned most of the time.
Luvdisc is not banned, except when used with Politoed/ Kyogre. Reason being that Luvdisc has the ability Swift Swim. The Drizzle + Swift Swim combo is banned, so Luvdisc is only banned when Kyogre or Politoed is on the team.
Sam4x I think he was moved to ou
Uber turn your comment into a answer.
Yeh as is majikarp banned, I guess it's to deadly in rain.
I believe wobbufet is bl actually in smogon tiers, tbh it's easy to take out with a few boosts or stal

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Chatot is not allowed in Wi fi because people could say rude or offensive words through Chatter. Sky-drop is banned because of a certain glitch that occurs in double/triple battles. Hacked Pokemon are banned as well. In PO the reason for Luvdisc (as stated by others in comments) is only banned when paired with Politoed/Kyogre because Drizzle+Swift swim is banned (something that I still disagree with).

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