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I bred a female infernape with male blaziken that haz both blaze kick and fire punch.
I got an adamant chimchar with blaze kick and fire punch. Which is better overall?(pros&cons)

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Depending on what you're using it for, I'd consider a few fire moves:

Fire Punch- This is a good idea to run if you plan on using an infernape with the ability Iron fist, since it will get boosted with the ability along with STAB.

Flare Blitz- Potentially his strongest fire STAB move when running a physical set; the recoil doesn't really bother him since Infernape doesn't care about his HP. Unless it's something like a bug type move, he doesn't stand too much of a chance against most attacks.

Overheat- I know this one is special, but it is common for people to run mixed attacking infernapes with the rest of their moves being physical, but carrying overheat in case of a switch.

I generally would not select Blaze kick for competitive battling since the only benefit it gains over Fire punch is a slightly higher base power, but that is undone if it has iron fist, and if not, Flare Blitz is generally the more powerful choice, not to mention both of these have 100% accuracy, and you don't want to risk a miss for a base 85 move.

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I use fire punch because I want my pokemon's moves to hit as much as possible.
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Move: Fire Punch
Power: 75
Accuracy: 100
Added Effects: 10% chance of causing a burn

Move: Blaze Kick
Power: 85
Accuracy: 90
Added Effects: Increased critical hit ratio/ 10% chance of causing a burn

I like Fire Punch because i always choose reliability over power, but if you want a little extra power at the expense of accuracy & possible crits, choose Blaze Kick.

Thank you for agreeing with me, UberPwnage. :)