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  1. Does it have weapons and armor?
  2. Can I get a summary of game play?
  3. Do the people fight or is it just Pokemon?


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ooooh i never thought of it as pokemon conquest

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  1. No there are no weapons unless you count the items you can use(Potions, etc.)

  2. Basically your goal is to capture the 17 castles(one for each type), each having different pokemon and warlords in them. You can recruit wild pokemon or pokemon already with trainers. Each warlord is allowed one pokemon at a time though. Each with a pokemon that you can get best link with that can be seen here.

  3. Its the people giving the pokemon commands to move around and attack. So its the pokemon fighting but the people are telling them how.

Update-After the main story you have to complete 17 other mini stories. This game is exciting

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I have played pokemon conquest

It has no weapons or armor. However the trainer sprites look like they are wearing some kind of traditional suit. The fighting gameplay is just like fire emblem. Your trainers are away from the battle field command your pokemon to move in the field. The pokemon can only move so far in the field. If the pokemon is near the opponent then he can attack (they only have 1 or two attacks) (if the pokemon knws long range moves like water gun then they can attack from a distance). They are 17 castles, each reprisenting there own element. You came from the castle of normal types, thus you start out with eevee. The villain with the japanese name of nobunga wants to rule the region. Later in the game, you fight him and he has a shiny rayquaza. Once you beat him, peace is restored and you will be a warlord which will be known forever. By the way the region is in the shape of arceus :P

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I was going to ask if it was like DQ and FE mixed...
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