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as i seen in most battle all i know is they both have epicly high attack but decent speed and im just asking fr more info both them


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Yes this has been answered but that was in game wise and im guessing your talking about pokemon online wise and competative batteling in general.

Defintly the most used out of the two.
There are many weaknesses why and can form good cores in both Ou and Ubers.
It has a great movepool being able to pull off both pysichal and special moves.
Its defences are over average though it does have a 4x ice weakness as well as a rock and electric weakness which are both fairly common moves in Ou.
But it can utilize its movepool great and has blessings such as dragon dance which makes this guy a very deadly sweeper.
It can also utilize many roles and sets.
Salamance also has great physichal coverage with general neutral stab outrages and access to a wide variety of moves such as the elemental fangs and earthquake.

Salamance is my favorite revenge killer in Ou and it pulls off the role very well.
A mixed sweeper set is commonly used with scarf for the role of revenge killer.
These are just a few sets ive tried before and pulled off.

  • Dragon dance set
  • Pure pysical sweeper
  • Mixed revenge killer
  • Special revenge killer
  • Standard scarf set
  • Choice specs

There is allot there to go by and Salamance would usually be my first choice.

It does come with its cons as well coming in a stealth rock weakness, thank lord it can fly to avoid spikes.
It has 3 common weaknesses fortunally unless running a mixed naive set it can suvive a starmies thunderbolt.
100 base speed is decent but not great in ou and lets many pokemon mainly starmie with the occasional ice beam beet you to the dragon dance.

Though Salamance us not to be messed with.
135 base attack gives it 404 at maxed out though jolly is normally prefered nature.
This means one dragon dance brings its attack to insane levels and nothing but scarfed pokemon can outspeed it very easly.
its dragon claw and outrage will ohko almost anything taking the hit neutrally.

Was once uu in database tiers and i always wondered why.
147 base attack is insane it also has 97 base speed which is comparable now to Zekrom who is ubers.
3base attack differance isnt much 10stat differance in total maybe.
then 7 extra base speed lets it outspeed half of ubers.
Why isnt it ubers? Because its kinda crap to nicely put it.
It is almost never used in Ou because its bulk isnt good enough and why use Haxorous when you have the choice of Dragonite with multiscale.
Its movepool isnt great either limiting it to brick break, dragon moves and earthquake.
Its speed is probably the main thing holding the poor guy back though, 97?
That means its outclassed by erm all dragons used in Ou.
Dragonite and Salamance and the occasional Flygon and Kingdra which is only ever used on anti rain or rain teams all outspeed it.
I would say the only think stopping it from being Uu is its attack stat.

Though its not useless it does hit hard and mold breaker is great when its on a rain or sand team alowing it to hit Rotom-W.
It can pull off a scarf and band set though scarf is recomended.
It also has access to Dual chop which strikes twice which breaks sashes as well as having a 2x crit chance.
It has access to swords dance and dragon dance (i think) and though i said its not to good it is fun to use.

Its only usable stats are its attack and speed so a walling or special set is not recomended.

Overall i would go with Salamance but you may want to try out Haxorous though dont expect anything special from it.
If you choose Salamance make sure your team can suport its ice weakness.

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Slamance is not weak to Electric - types. His Dragon - typing makes it so it's normally effective.
mmmm ive always had electic hit me super effective :D maybe im wrong
mmm im wrong, thanks for clearing up
No problem!
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>Salamence has huge attack and special attack and good speed (Intimidate makes up for the only decent defenses) and works good as each a sweeper or a tank. It has a wide movepool too. But, it only learns one of it´s best moves via tutor (Outrage) so you have to get it from hg/ss or b2/w2 to get the best out of it. It also has a 4x weakness to ice.

>Haxorus has higher attack than Salamence but lower Satk, speed, defense and Sdef but also fewer weaknesses. It has a wide movepool, but far not so wide as Salamence. A choice item will be good for it to use because it don´t need a Swords Dance set because it has enough attack to kill almost everything in one hit. It also has a good ability in Mold Breaker.

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