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Can I use the Safari Zone if nothing else?

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Hmm...this shouldn't be voted down, it's a valid question.
Not to worry pokemaster, I voted it back up!

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Nope, you need to trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

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Sorry, you'd have to trade.

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Also, for DTs website, I would suggest putting the HG/SS Kanto Gym Leaders, too.
And im kind of lazy too, but im even more bored, so thats kind of why im making that site. But the biggest problem I ran into is how can I make my site different from all the other pokemon sites out there? Any Suggestions?
I''m working on the hg/ss kanto gyms as well. I'm thinking of ways to make teh site unique.
I know, its hard to make it unique. I guess mine kind of is different already though. Instead of having a pokedex, I just have each type as basically their own pokedex.
DT, I have something for you. Koga only has a Venomoth in Yellow and when he is in the Elite 4. He has a Weezing, making Ground types close to useless. I would suggest suggesting Gastly and it's evolution. These guys are great, you can get Psychic at Saffron to teach this guy, plus he is immune to Explosion and Poison!