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Can I use the Safari Zone if nothing else?

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Nope, you need to trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

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Sorry, you'd have to trade.

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DT, for your website, may I suggest adding capturing a Paras in Mt. Moon to combat Misty? A well trained one can easily deal with Starmie. Have you noticed that you can always catch a Pokemon to help deal with the Gym Leader fairly close to the Gym Leader? Examples: Mankey-Brock Paras/Bellsprout/Oddish-Misty Diglett-Surge Flareon/Growlithe/Vulpix-Erika
I'll do that, forgot about paras.
Cool, were both working on our sites at the same time! I really think Trachy should make one.
Swampert, may I suggest for Meganium (sweeper) since you have Swords Dance to get rid of Energy Ball in exchange for just Seed Bomb since of the attack increase with Swords Dance? Maybe also have a "suggestions for this site" section to help make these suggestions easier to see. I would also suggest replacing Sludge Bomb on Venusaur for something else because your moveset is an attacking moveset. I'll think about making one, I am kind of lazy. If you don't want my help (I would easily understand since this is your site) just comment on this string.
For Meganium I put energy ball or seed bomb(probably seed bomb after sd) and for Venasaur, I like sludge bomb
Also, for DTs website, I would suggest putting the HG/SS Kanto Gym Leaders, too.
And im kind of lazy too, but im even more bored, so thats kind of why im making that site. But the biggest problem I ran into is how can I make my site different from all the other pokemon sites out there? Any Suggestions?
I''m working on the hg/ss kanto gyms as well. I'm thinking of ways to make teh site unique.
I know, its hard to make it unique. I guess mine kind of is different already though. Instead of having a pokedex, I just have each type as basically their own pokedex.
DT, I have something for you. Koga only has a Venomoth in Yellow and when he is in the Elite 4. He has a Weezing, making Ground types close to useless. I would suggest suggesting Gastly and it's evolution. These guys are great, you can get Psychic at Saffron to teach this guy, plus he is immune to Explosion and Poison!