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This is a Spoiler question. Why would you try ruining it??
rbliving, please do not post childish comments like that in all caps and with a million exclamation marks.
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In Pokémon Black and White 2, Ghetsis is the leader of a new Team Plasma. This version of Unova's villainous team is not attempting to release Pokémon, but instead take over Unova. He wants to freeze Unova so that Team Plasma can steal every Pokémon in the region. He has recruited Zinzolin and Colress to help him.

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There is no information about that yet, but I also doubt that Ghestis is even in B/W 2.
A Japanese magazine is currently leaking out info about the game.
Check the news page daily for updates a bout B/W 2.

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ok I'll wait till the game comes out in english but thanks any way.
Actually he is in the game but he just battles
actually he is but i cant post an answer right now for some reason :( once again he wants to rule with an iron fist and instead of using zekrom(pkmn w) and reshiram(pkmn black) he will use kyurem. here is the site where you can find stuff about him in pkmn bw 2 and his battle sprite