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I have a Shieldon and I got it to Level 30 but it did not evolve! And I hav'ent used an everstone on it! What happened?

What game are you playing?

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Sheildon usually evolves at level 30 - so if you are sure that it does not have an Everstone equipped, then the reason is one of the following:

  • Your game is hacked or glitched
  • Your Sheildon has an Everstone equipped (just double check)
  • You have used a pirated version of the game
  • You have used an Action Replay card
    or, you used a ROM game card such as R4.

If none of those circumstances are evident, then the reason your Sheildon won't evolve is uxplainable, unless you go really technical into things.

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Actually according to the Pokedex it is LV. 30.
i evolved my bastiodon at lv. 30
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