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I had this weird dream and i was thinking about an awesome combo for a Rain team. Wailord and Wailmer can learn both Soak and Roar. Here's the situation:

I am player T and my opponent is opponent R.

T sends Wailord!
R sends Magcargo!
T's Wailord uses Soak!
R's Marcargo uses Amnesia!
T's Wailord uses Roar!
Shedinja is dragged out!

If R switches out Shedinja and sends AGAIN Magcargo, will he be a Water-type or a his usual type?

If this would work, here's my combo. Wailord uses Soak and after, Roar. He does this with every single Pokemon of my opponent's team and then Wailord would switch out to a Rain Sweeper who would have Thunder or Hurricane or both!


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Once they switch out, they return to their respective normal type. You have to use Soak on them again when they switch in.

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>Soak changes the target's type to Water; the effect lasts until the target switches out. Soak does not affect Pokémon with the Ability Multitype. Soak fails if used on a Substitute.

Ok you gave kinda a bad example i doubt i magacaro would stay in for a water type attack but if you read the staitment from bulbapedia you will notice this strat fails.

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No if they switch out then switch back in they will be their normal type(s) again.

Source-Experience with my own teams

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