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For introduction, I have not got any DS game console yet. I'm waiting for my allowance to have one. Up until now, I have only played Pokemon games with emulators in PC. So, I'm learning things and stuffs about game console. That's why if my questions are stupid, I'm sorry in advance.

When I saw this post and go view that site, I've got an urge to ask some questions. But, after reading some posts which might help me with my questions, the questions lessen though there is still left something.

1: According to that site, you can only see one event pokemon for this hour. Details are like this:

Release Dates:

Japan: July 20th 2012 to August 9th 2012 America: ?? Europe: ??

Gift: Piplup

Use: The first WiFi Event in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 gives you a
special Piplup to tie in with the movie short, Meloetta's Sparkling
Recital. This Piplup knows the special move of Sing. ポッチャマ ♂ Level 15

 OT:	リサイタル ID:	07202 Ability:	Torrent Hold Item:

Metronome Any Nature. Date of Receiving Wi-Fi Gift. Apparently had a
fateful encounter at Lv. 15 Sing Round Featherdance Peck [Classic Ribbon]

So, the 1st question is do I need to be in Japan to get that event Pokemon? I mean Do I just need to connect to Wi-Fi from here, Burma, and get that event Pokemon?

2: For the release date, do I need to be exactly within that interval? I mean can I even have that event Pokemon right now(July 5th 2012) or after when the time reach 12:30AM(midnight) of August 10th 2010?

3: Can everybody have that pokemon or event present? I mean it's not like "because he/she got that 1st, you aren't gona get anything. sorry" and such, right?

4: I didn't see any Mystery Gift menu in P/D/Pt games with my emulator. When I play with the game console, will there be such menu appear? Or there is a different method to get Event things for such games?(like, you have to trade from HG/SS/B/W/B&W2)

5: Just for side question. Can I played all Gen IV and Gen V games in Nintendo 3DS?

This one is extra. If someone feels like I have not yet been learning enough about this "event" thing or want to advise me what I'm still missing, you can check what I have learned so far.

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I will try to answer your questions best i can:

  1. Yes, you must be in japan.
  2. It has to be during the event which means the dates given.
  3. Anybody with Wifi and that lives in japan can get one.
  4. There is a mystery gift option on the title screen which is where you go to receive events.
  5. An all DS games can be played on the 3DS but only the 3DS games will be in 3D.
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Just as I thought, it really need some effort to get such pokemons.
4. really?I didn't see in P/D/Pt versions but I did see in HG/SS/B/W. looks like I need to play them in game console.
i know as much for the newer games that its on the title screen but the older ones i havent played recently