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I want a Pokemon on Heart Gold that can use the moves fly and 'swim' (expert edit: probably surf), is sorta strong and is reasonably small and cute! Please help! (can you tell me where to find it?)

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By 'swim' did you mean the move 'Surf'? If that's the case, only these pokemon learn both Fly and Surf:


They are mostly legendaries... I guess Pelipper is the only one that comes close to being "small and cute". As a side note, very few small and cute pokemon are strong!

Mews small and cute
Thanks! Iv got a wingull wich I am now trying to evolve :)
Wow, it took you a year to find a Wingull?
I know this question is answered, but, umm, PIKACHU!
You forgot Smeargle.
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I would recomend a hoothoot as they can fly, there small and sort of cute! They are common and can be found around the national park! They also evolve into a noctowl!

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Sorry, when thy evolve they turn bigger and are no longer small! sorry!!(And they cant swim!)
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All of these Pokemon are smaller and cuter than Mt. Mortar, which should be good enough for you.

Dragonite: evolve a Dratini from the Dragon's Den, Safari Zone, or Goldenrod Game Corner
Smeargle: Ruins of Alph or Safari Zone
Lugia: Whirl Islands
Pelipper: evolve a Wingull from Vermillion City
Latias: roaming Kanto (HG only)
Latios: roaming Kanto (SS only)

Mew, Rayquaza, and Arceus are unobtainable without trading.
I'm too lazy to list all my sources, but I can link you to any specific source if you want.