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i am currently playing SoulSilver and I want to know this:
is hoppip/skiploom/jumpluff worth raising/keeping? I want a good grass type for my team(i chose cyndaquil)

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Why do you need a grass type? Lapras takes care of ground and rock just fine.

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I'll say not really for this one.

  • In-game is all about offense. Jumpluff has really pitiful offenses (50/50 is hardly anything worth talking about).
  • It doesn't get any worthwhile moves until level 28 (Mega Drain, which honestly isn't good either). For a long time your only attack move will be Tackle (and Splash, if it fancies you).
  • Once Team Rocket comes around with all their Poison types Jumpluff will be completely useless. And there is really no gym where Jumpluff is completely safe from total annihilation. Heck, it might just fall to the Rock type it's supposed to defeat.

So in my opinion, if you want a Grass type, go for Victreebel instead. It's got better offenses, isn't weak to Poison and Rock types, and starts out with Vine Whip (a decent STAB move for early game). Later on it will get some really good moves like Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade and Sludge Bomb (TM) which you don't want to miss out on.

Hope I helped!

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I've been running some mono teams through SS recently. My grass team consisted of: victreebell, sunflora , tangrowth, meganium, bellossom , and sudowoodo (cheating I know but it fit in at the time).
Honestly from all the grass types in the game, bellossom is the beastliest.
Huge sleeper.

Sunflora is good too if you want to stall with ingrain /leach seed.

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