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I am fighting Uxie, I have his health in the red and he is lvl 50 where all my Pokemon r lvl 51 or higher. I have used 9 Great Balls, 9 Net Balls, 9 Nest Balls, 9 Ultra Balls, 9 Dusk balls (2am here), 9 Timer Balls, 9 Quick Balls, 9 Luxury Balls, 9 Heal Balls and 9 Repeat Balls. The most I get is 2 shakes of the ball then it breaks free but mostly 1 or less shakes before it breaks free. Why can I not catch it?

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All pokemon have a percentage that determines how many times the ball will shake, or if the pokemon will be caught. Most legendaries, including Uxie, have a very low catch rate and are a challenge to catch. I've had trouble catching legendaries, such a Mewtwo in Heart Gold. P.S. Don't try to do a Chuggaconroy and used Pokeballs that don't work well on legendaries, such as the Net Ball and Nest Ball. Also use you're Timer Balls last, so that they can get a higher chance to catch Uxie. Hope this help!

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ok, thank u 4 ur answer.
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Just being in the red is ok for most pokemon, but for legendaries, try using false swipe to get it down to 1hp and sleep powder/spore etc to put it to sleep, that's the best case scenario

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I will definately give the sleep powder thing a try, thank u 4 ur answer.