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Currently, I am breeding a mudkip for my sandstorm team. The Mom, (another mudkip) has 31 Individual Values in HP. The dad (a ryhorn) has 31 Individual Values in attack. Assuming that the baby inherits the HP IVs from Mudkip and the Attack IVs from Ryhorn, what will the new mudkip's characteristic be? "Often Dozes off" (the characteristic indicating max HP values) or "Likes to Thrash about?" (the characteristic indicating max attack IVs)


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Usually Pokemon characteristics are determined by the highest IV. But you seem to have a tie, so:

>Start with the Pokémon's personality value mod 6. The result is an index number of a stat in this order: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense. In the event of a tie in IVs, the first IV checked is the IV corresponding to that index number. If that IV is not part of the tie, the game moves on to the next index number in the aforementioned order. If it goes past 5 (Special Defense), it wraps around back to 0 (HP). When the game finds an IV that is part of the tie, that is the IV that will determine the characteristic displayed. -Bulbepedia

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So, since HP is first, it would be "often dozes off"
yeah. pokemon is so hard..... :P