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They are both floating in mid air. I was told Pokemon like this has the Levitate ability

  • Hydreigon
  • Gastly
  • Haunter
    Another thing, how on EARTH does Gengar have Levitate?
Do not forget that Magnezone can learn Magnet Rise, which like a temporary Levitate.

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That's just the way the Game Designers wanted it I suppose.
Besides, Magnezone has sturdy and magnet pull already, it would have been nice to cut out it's 4x weakness to ground though. Or at least have it as a DW ability, I guess not.

Perhaps the game designers thought that Gengar could have the ability to levitate on command and didn't really have a good substitute at the time. Unless you ask them directly no one really knows.

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Okay, thanks!
Cursed Body would have been WAY better for Gengar.
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To make it fair for others.
Here's what i mean....

magnezone has good stats, and the most no. of resistances. so to make it fair for others, magnezone does not have levitate so that the opponent has a chance as well.http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/35605/which-pokemon-have-the-most-resistances-immunities

This answer has the best point.
12 resistances and 2 immunitys after levitate....... 3 types hit neutrally or super effective