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I'd appreciate it if someone did the math on this one for me. I'm also just checking this out because I posted an evasive Garchomp moveset.

If a Garchomp with sandveil is holding brightpowder, and is in a sandstorm, then maxes his evasiveness (uses double team 6 times) what is the chance (%) of a move with 100 accuracy hitting him?

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Double team and Brightpowder are banned in competitive BTW.
NOOOOOOOOO really? That is no good :( But do they still allow sand-veil? and Bright Powder?
Sandveil yes, brightpowder no.
XD Geez, well, I'd still appreciate it if someone answered my question.
Ok I answered.

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With Sandveil in the sand. 80%
With both Sandveil and Brightpowder. 64%
With 6 Double teams. 21%

Sandveil gives 20%
Brightpowder another 20%
Double-team x 6 3/9

Source: Bulbapedia

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Whoa! Just imagine a move with less than 100 accuracy...