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Stupid ability, making this Legendary bad. Mine knows:

Substitute: It has high enough HP and good enough defenses to be used as a Staller. This is needed.

Toxic: Needed for stalling. Inflicts toxic poison.

Confuse Ray: Helps with stalling by confusing the foe.

Drain Punch: Helps increase HP lost by Substitute since I don't think it can learn Rest.

Regigigas learnset

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I would use worry seed on him if you're in a 2 on 2 battle. Gets rid of his ability, he can't use rest anyway.
for the offensive

Zen headbutt- covers weakness


Drain punch-his high attack makes up for the base power.

Facade- works well if he gets a status move, STAB.

for your defensive one, maybe throw in block.

Giga impact or focus punch can work well with susbstitute and confuse ray as well.

Meh I would switch facade for endeavor for his great lack of defense especially for people who don't EV train
Fun fact regigigas learns gigs impact at lvl 100
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Double/Triple Battle Sun Sweeper

Regigigas @ Leftovers
Trait: Slow Start
EVs: 200 HP / 252 Atk / 56 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Fire Punch
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Frustration/Retaliate

Team up with Leavanny. Use Entrainment. Regigagas now has Chlorophyll. You can then set up Sunny Day with Leavanny or have had a previous Pokemon such as the great Whimsicott do it before. Regi is incredibly powerful, incredibly bulky, and now is Ninjask level fast. It can also hit multiple foes with Rock Slide and Earthquake. Fire Punch is coverage that gets boosted by Sun. Frustration is STAB, although Retaliate can be used since Leavanny won't last long.

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I guess frustration works better than return because Regigigas dies so often. Stupid Nerf of an ability. Archeops got roost to deal with Defiant. Why can't Regigigas get protect or something?
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How about Rock Slide to deal with Flying and Fire types.

Return STAB with it's huge attack and people usually treat legendaires with kindness.

Aerial Ace to deal with Grass, bug, and its weakness.

And Earthquake to deal with electricity.

Then you will be powerful:)

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This is what my regigigas knows for some reason.

Zen headbutt:for fighting types and for its monster attack

Stone Edge:coverage

Superpower:Can destroy steel,fighting,rock and ice types plus awesome attack

Crush Grip:One thing,its his signiture move who wouldn't want this move!

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The only problem with this is that superpower depletes attack and defense. Attack may not be a HUGE deal, as it has extreme attack already, but defense is pretty vital. lower defense makes it more vulnerable to physical fighting moves like Jump Kick, Cross Chop, Superpower, Close Combat, and High Jump Kick.
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Thunder Wave - yeah!
Confuse Ray - yeah!
Focus Punch - yeah!
Zen Headbutt - coverage

um it could flinch when using focus punch cuz of its low speed.....probably have a trick room pokemon to help it
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Gen V

Regigigas @ Leftovers
Trait: Slow Start
EVs: 172 HP / 168 Def / 168 SDef
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Toxic
- Substitute
- Confuse Ray
- Crush Grip

I think crush grip and toxic are mutually exclusive to work well :/
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Generation V (White & Black) Regigigas
Ability: Slow start (unfortunately)
Item: Silk scarf (to increase the power of dizzy punch) or zap plate (if you learn him thunder)
Moves (that make him win every battle) :

1. Dizzy Punch or thunder
2. Fire Punch
3. Ice Punch
4. Thunderpunch

I learn him that moves, and i win every battles except one when i forget to learn him fire punch(i lose because i have battled a grass typep okemon)

P.S.: LEARN HIM THAT MOVES BECAUSE THIS ARE 4 DIFERENT TYPES OF MOVES!!! (And this is a good startegy to win every battle, just have 4 types of moves)


Just because he has good coverage does not mean he will win every battle. Also please improve your grammar it is very hard to read, you do not learn that moves you teach him those moves.
well if you where in a battle with a  grass type pokemon without fire punch, what about ice punch?!
Ice punch would be for dragon sweeping because a lot of dragons can learn some fighting type move, most people just give them brick break or focus blast.  Also it seems my regigigas  almost had the perfect moveset lol
hmm... i like it... although when you were battling that grass type you could have used ice punch
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[email protected] Leftovers

Trait: Slow Start

-Zen Headbutt -- covers weakness
-Return -- STAB, deals massive damage
-Earthquake -- very strong move
-Confuse Ray / Drain Punch -- If you still have TM Drain Punch, than its better to teach him that, If you dont, than Confuse Ray is a good choise.

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pretty good but i would EV train in attack and you can do speed if you want to for slow start because most of these psychical
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enter image description here

Regigigas @ Leftovers

Ability: Slow Start

Nature: Naive (+Speed, -Sp. Def.)

-Zen Headbutt (Coverage for Fighting types)

-Revenge (This is a good move, because of the Slow Start ability)

-Crush Grip (STAB, signature move of Regigigas)

-Fire Punch/Thunder Punch/Ice Punch (Good power, Physical bonus)

*You can replace Revenge for Payback, because it's super effective against Ghost type Pokemon and it's Slow Start ability.

don't give it a speed enhancing nature. He is really slow
Duh, that's why I put a Speed Nature.
He means that it's not worth investing in. Sorry, but most of your sets are just wack (bad) with bad natures and moves.
regi is doin the shake!
im only nine but I think your movset is great exept for the nature
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Adamant Nature: Scope Lens

Move #1 Crush Grip (Power, Signature Move and STAB.)
Move #2 Toxic (Badly Poisons Foes)
Move #3 Protect (Helps wait for activating it's ability) (Toxic then Protect to sink it in)
Move #4 Aerial Ace, Zen Headbutt or Earthquake (Aerial Ace or Zen Headbutt covers Weakness) (Earthquake - Power)

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Any needed EV's, IV's, Nature and Item are needed. And for move number, Earthquake is your best bet.
*throws  EV'S AND IV'S out the door*[bye bye]
You forgot the Nature :D
Regigigas can't learn Protect
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I actually think Regigigas is recieving more hate than it should get for its ability, but you could either work around that, or wait for five turns. To me, so far waiting five turns worked better, and here is a moveset that may help you too.

Nature: Adamant
Item: Leftovers/Scope Lens/Muscle Band/Rocky Helmet

  • Crush Grip STAB, signature move, and the more health the opponent has, the more powerful it is. Especially when Slow Start is over, you can just kill all your enemies with one hit.
  • Thunder Wave If you have read some of my other move set advices, you would know that I prefer being able to hit the opponent before they hit me. With this move, you won't only half their speed too, but if Slow Start is over, you will be even faster compared to them. This move is also very handy because it paralyzes the foe making those five turns go faster.
  • Zen Headbutt Coverage and may also cause the target to flinch, giving you the upper hand.
  • Earthquake This is one of those times when I really dislike the fact that a Pokemon only learns four moves. Out of all the other possible things it can have I settled on Earthquake, because I can.
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Gimmicky set for triple battles only:

2 Turn Sweepergigas

Regigigas @ Lum Berry
Trait: Slow Start
EVs: 252 HP 252 Attack
Nature: Adamant
Rock Polish
Rock Slide

Start with Audino, Regigigas, and Gigalith. Have audino use simple beam, regigigas use rock polish, and gigalith use swagger. Commence sweep.

In doubles, you could make A pokemon like trevenant use skill swap on regigigas then use it again on the opposing pokemon then bam, Attack and speed get reduced then sweep :)
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[email protected] leftovers
trait: slow start
EVs or IVs is the player's or viewer's choice

return (max happiness= strength[not the move strength]! especially after slow start shuts down)
drain punch (heal regain)
thunderbolt or thunder(during slow start but if fails[like no effect], keep with the physical moves for the time being)
zen headbutt( coverage)

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Regigigas @ Leftovers
Ability: Slow Start
Evs: 252 Health 252 Attack 4 Defense
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk)
-Drain Punch (deal damage and regain health)
-Confuse Ray (stall)
-Thunder Wave (stall)
-Substitute (stall)

Too many stall moves can make it predictable, it's best to have some other move like fire or thunderpunch
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It's not a bad idea to use Regigigas in a double battle alongside Iron fist Pangoro, then have Pangoro use entrainment to really give the colossal Pokemon an ability it can be proud of!

Iron fist boosts punching attacks by 20%, since Regigigas has access to quite a few of these in oras it can be very useful indeed!

Evs: 252 Att, 160 spd, the rest can go to Hp
Nature: Adament
Item: Life orb

Drain punch (recovery)
Thunder punch (awesome!)
Fire Punch (wicked!)/Dizzy punch (STAB)
Ice Punch (Bring down those dragons!)

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Regigigas @Assault vest
Ability: Slow Start
EVs: 252Hp, 252Attack OR 252hp, 252def
Nature: adamant or brave (brave if in a trick room)
-Return/ Façade
-Power Up Punch
-Drain Punch
-Knock Off
Description: Regigigas, my favorite larger legendary! His ability is still as awful as always but there are ways to work with it, but rather than use skill swap in vgc/ doubles, or turn to stall tactics in singles/ smogon rules, I've tried out a set that utilizes some new items and moves in generation 6. To start, make sure that powerful physical and/or fighting types on the opponents team are crippled by trick room/ ailments or just flat out KO'ed, and switch Regigigas in. With an Assault vest equipped, regigigas obtains an obscene amount of sp bulk (110/110/110 defenses aren't shabby even without the vest) at the cost of his non-attacking moves (thus, his stalling power). But by taking advantage of gen 6's new move power up punch, Regigigas can raise his attack stat naturally and after two hits (which would put him at +2, or 2.0X attack), slow starts attack drop is effectively nullified. The fun begins however, when 5 turns do pass and regigigas returns to normal, then you have a +2 to +5 uber level Pokémon rampaging through an opponents team, which is quite the sight let me tell ya'... Façade can be used over return for Stab as façade allows regigigas to muscle past burns (since façade ignores the burns attack drop in gen 6) and a base 140 power (70 without an ailment, not counting stab on either) attack is surely gonna annihilate something should slow start end, though return obviously brings more power immediately. Drain punch is so Regigigas can heal himself while trying to sweep, while I understand that two fighting moves is terrible for coverage reasons, they both serve different purposes on Regigigas and must be accepted for this set to function at all. Finally, Knock off is for crushing ghost types as well as supporting the rest of your team should regigigas go down (a foe without an item is an easier foe to take down in the long run.). This set has flat out destroyed opponent teams for me in PU (which is where regigigas is currently) sometimes 6 to 0ing them without a single Pokemon of mine fainting! Although strong if allowed to set up, this set is weak to powerful physical attackers (especially fighting types), and while facade can combat burns, regigigas still hates ailments, as well as phazing, and ghost types who stop him from setting up his Power Up Punches. Overall though if you stop his counters and are mindful about opposing roar users, Regigigas just might surprise you and leave your opponent slack jawed!

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Ability : Slow Start
Holding : Toxic Orb/Leftovers/Chople Berry/Assualt Vest/Big Root
EV's : 252 Atk/252 Def/4 Speed
Facade/Ice Punch : If Toxic Orb, Facade, Any Other, Ice Punch For Dragon Types.
Zen Headbutt : Good For Fighting Types.
Crush Grip : More HP The Opponent Has, The More Damage!
Drain Punch : Get Health Back, Must Go To Move Tutor In ORAS. (Use Big Root For More Health Back

Good Partners
Roserade Holding Chesto Berry : Worry Seed, Giga Drain, Rest, Sludge Bomb
Zangoose Holding Flying Gem : Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Retaliate, Slash
Gengar Holding Fighting Gem : Focus Blast, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-Wisp
Jirachi Holding Metal Coat(Just To Heal Regigigas) : Healing Wish, Doom Desire, Iron Head, Psychic
Avalugg Holding Focus Sash : Avalanche, Iron Defense, Recover, Crunch

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Regigigas is well known for its awesome attack stat but low speed. But anyways, here's a good set.

Regigigas @Rocky Helmet
Slow Start (sadly)

Adamant Nature (+ Attack, - S.Attack)

Thunder Wave: Cripple your opponents with this move
Zen Headbutt: Great attack, could flinch opponent and deals with fighting types.
Earthquake: With great power comes great shaking when the Regi itself uses this good move
Return: Just make your Regigigas happy with vitamins and this thing will sweep the field.

Hope I helped

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Regigigas has arguably the worst ability in the game. Let's see how we can get around that.

@Weakness policy
252 Atk 252 Speed 4 Def

Zen headbutt

Endure helps keep him alive and supercharges Endeavour, Earthquake is to deal with rock and steel types who resist Endeavour, Zen headbutt covers his only weakness and weakness policy nearly negates his ability. Baton passed stat boosts could really help. And wish.

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I didn't see any sets here that I liked, So I made my own:
Regigigas @Life Orb
Adamant Nature
252 Atk 200 HP 56 Spe
Trait: Slow Start
Drain Punch ( Stab, Steal some HP )
Knock off ( Knock off the opponents item, so no life orb leftovers, assult vest, etc. )
Ice punch ( Stab, Tame those Dragons! )
Block/Rock Polish ( Block so the opponent cannot switch out, or Rock Polish to boost speed and Accuracy )


Hope I helped! :D