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After answering Trachy's question regarding Taunt and Encore, I realized how great of a strategy it would be, and it got me thinking...

Could this be Slaking's true niche? Just take a look at this set, and you may see what I mean. I call it, "Lock-King."

HOLD ITEM: Leftovers

NATURE: Adamant

Taunt (Lock the foe into a Stat move.)

Encore (trap the opponent)

Earthquake (deals with Electric, Rock, Poison, and Steel-types.)

Rock Slide / Giga Impact (Gives additional coverage against whatever Earthquake can't hit.)

Slaking is hindered greatly by Truant, but how could have we all been so blind? If you can't get rid of the ability, then OUTHINDER the opponent by locking them into a "tauncore" (Taunt and Encore. See what I did there? :P).

I'm sure that, after seeing Trachy's question, you probably had this run through your heads, but I felt I had to bring this to the table. What do you guys think about this set? Anything that may make it better? Maybe it just can't be done?

Umm... Taunt stops the opponent from using Status moves, it doesn't force them to use them. Also, that encore trick would only really work once, unless you outspeed the opponent and encore ends on one of Slaking's movement turns. After the first time, the opponent will anticipate it and it is very hard to pull off again. Lastly, that trick works much more effectively on a very fast Pokemon such as Alakazam. With his 200 odd speed at lv. 50 you easily outspeed anything and can lock it into stat boosting or using Sucker Punch or whatever. Combine with Calm Mind and the bonus turns don't go to waste like they do with Slaking.
and i realize this set is impossible... sorry

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Most people use stat moves or risk moves like focus punch during Slaking's truant turn. but If you can get them to use a stat move, I'd say this can work well! Takes precise timing though.

Sucker punch-Like Trachy said

Facade-doesn't get picked up. Perhaps holding an item like toxic orb to increase power

encore- need these to set up. force the opponent into a stat raiser.

punishment-since the idea is to get your opponent to use a stat move over and over, why not use this, it can cap at 200 base power. since your opponent has their stat move, after encore, they would have used it several times, adding more power to punishment.

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True narwhals1. I just used rampardos as an example just for his ability. You wouldn't be suspicious if your opponent skill swapped to get mold breaker. But my point is to use it on a good ability to bypass any suspicion. If you used it on a pointless ability, the opponent will wonder why you gave up forewarn for it. And they'll think you gave it to them on purpose.
It would be a good anti-lead. However, you get one shot at Encore. It will be a surprise when you use it (like Heat Proof on Bronzong) but after that it won't be of as much use.
Serebii.net has Encore as one of the other options for Slaking. However, they write it off fairly quickly.
Well, keep in mind that my aim is to improve Slaking, not make him the best. Plus, I think it's impossible to FLAWLESSLY work around Truant, unless you swap it in 2 vs. 2.

There are lots of one-trick ponies out there, like Trick/Item Swap sets, Walls and Stalls lose their usefulness over the duration of battle, because they wear a little at a time. And annoyers lose their usefulness against overly powerful opponents. They all have Achilles heels, in their own way.
this is MAAAANY comments  XD
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What is the best way to get the foe to not attack is what we must think now. I didn't think of this at all for Slaking and I have been thinking of ways to overcome this Pokemon's weakness (same with Regigigas) for a good amount of time. This might just work as a way to get Slaking upped a tier. Great thinking narwhals!

Edit: I think I might have a way to make the foe more likely to not attack. Sucker Punch! If you use this move at first during your first couple of times you are able to attack, you might be able to lull the foe into a false sense of security. This would work great when facing a foe that is resistant to Dark, they might think this is your only attacking move.

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The way I see it, I only use a Stat raising move when I know it's safe. I wouldn't use it against that sweeper. So perhaps sending out a different pokemon first to lay a trap for your opponent. And for Regigigas, like I said earlier, in 2 vs 2 battles, worry seed has worked wonders for mine.
I've been looking for a way in 1v1 for Regigigas. Maybe if you have a way to make Slaking look defensive this will work...

I've got it, Hypno. In 1v1, send in Hypno before Slaking. Make sure it has the ability Forewarn. Have it use Skill Swap. Make Sucker Punch the most powerful attacking move Slaking knows (maybe teach it a move like Facade or Secret Power for more power that I don't think shows up with Forewarn.)
Great idea, Trach! I love the idea of playing a mind game on the opponent.

And to DT, I couldn't agree more, but I probably should've mentioned that I was trying to work out a Solo niche, since Slaking doesn't really have one. I agree with your 2 on 2 strategy though. Worry Seed Roserade and Sweeper Slaking defintiely work in great synergy!
@ narwhals: Worry seed works on Regigiga's ability. But it has no effect if used on Slaking.
Both Slaking and Hypno are in the NeverUsed enviroment. This won't work in the higher tiers (Overused/Uber) where strategy isn't as big a part of the game.
Why won't Worry Seed work on Slaking?
How to win an Ou/uber game

1.use stealth rock, spikes, and toxic spikes
2. send out skarmory or blissey
3. use earthquake
4.switch to garchomp/legendary
5. use leftovers/Choice item
6. win your battle then brag about how strategic your team is, and how you legitimately caught 6 shiny legendary pokemon.
@ trachy: it's seen as too cheap, and everyone would be doing it.
Are all 6 of them shiny?
That's amazing to have 6 shinies!! But on most online battles, I see people with something like all shinies, or 6 shiny arceus, and try to say they're real. that is the life of an OU/Uber player.
Meh seriously id get 5000 shinies in one day via cheats but im not gonaa tell my friends even if i actually got em theyd be all gimme gimme