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I found the Pokedex 3D wepsite that has all the pokemon on pokedex 3d so, I scaned all Pokemon markers. I ALMOST have all them , but I'm missing some of them incuding all the forms of deerling,sawsbuct,ect.
Please help me. I have wifi it too.

I have the same problem :(

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You can get ALL the markers here:
It has all the forms of Deerling, Sawsbuck, etc.
Hope This Helped :D

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Thanks a lot Dr Flame
no problem :D
It's not working
As I already said, you can only get one form of the pans and dearling. The others you have to get from friends.
Ar markers give u an upped chance of getting the Pokemon but you need to get them from friends at this point. At markers don't automatically give u the Pokemon except for victini, zekrom and reshiram.
yay it worked.