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I need a wall for my team, and as I was looking around on the Internet and Skarmory and Porygon2 were the choices people seemed to pick. I'm kind of new to this whole team making thing. Help?

They are not even in the same tier. Skarmory is OU while Porygon2 is UU. Also, where is your team?
Oh I forgot to add that, my bad. I have a lot of different Pokemon with different roles to try out, but this is my current:

Lead/annoyer: Umbreon (toxic, confuse ray, faint attack, heal bell)
Physical tank: Infernape (Mach punch, close combat, blaze kick, thunder punch)
Special attacker: Raichu (nasty plot, grass knot, thunderbolt, attract)
More physical: Lucario (Earthquake, swords dance, close combat, blaze kick)
More special: vaporeon (aqua ring, shadow ball, ice beam, surf)

This is minus a wall. Idk how great this team is either.

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OK If you Want A Special Attacker Then Go with

Special Attacker= Porygon2

Tri Attack-STAB
Ice Beam

If your Going With A With A Physical Attacker Then Go With

Physical Attacker= Skarmory

Steel Wing-STAB
Night Slash
Spikes- to Help with Gym Leaders And Elite Four Members

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You know dusklops with evolite is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bettar than them?