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Or even after its life falls under 2/3 its HP.

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Well, it raises the power of Water moves. Mystic Water raises a Water move's power by 20%, and Torrent Raises it by 50%. Say that Feraligatr uses Waterfall.

Mystic Water:
1.2*80 = 94
With Mystic Water, the power will rise to 94.

Mystic Water AND Torrent
1.5*80 = 120
1.2*120 = 144 base power
With both, the power will rise to 144.

So, Mystic Water only: 20%
Torrent only: 50%
Both: 80%

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Just fixing the calculation: just with Mystic Water, Waterfall will deal 96 damage, not 94. Other than that, very nice explanation.
U forgot the STAB bonus . If u include the stab , Waterfall's base power is actually 120 .