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Hello i need a ferrothorn but can it learn both spikes and leech seed???

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Yes it can.
Breed a Male Cacnea or cacturne, which knows spikes and leech seed (level up), with a Female Ferroseed/thorn.

A ferroseed with both spikes and leech seed!

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Thanks a lot thats perfect for my team
Glad to know i helped :)
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You can breed a female with these to have Leech Seed:(that is if they are level enough and you hv retained leech seed)
Bulbasaur >>>>>Male
Ivysaur >>>>>Male
Venusaur >>>>>Male
Exeggcute >>>>>Male
Hoppip >>>>>Male
Skiploom >>>>>Male
Jumpluff >>>>>Male
Sunkern >>>>>Male
Sunflora >>>>>Male
Shroomish >>>>>Male
Breloom >>>>>Male
Roselia >>>>>Male
Cacnea >>>>>Male
Cacturne >>>>>Male
Turtwig >>>>>Male
Grotle >>>>>Male
Torterra >>>>>Male
Cherubi >>>>>Male
Cherrim >>>>>Male
Snivy >>>>>Male
Servine >>>>>Male
Serperior >>>>>Male
Cottonee >>>>>Male
Whimsicott >>>>>Male

As you get a new female Ferroseed, breed it with these if they know Spikes:


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Yes, but both are egg moves, so you must breed a ferrothorn with a pokemon that knows one of te moves, then breed the ferrothorn with the new egg move, like protect, with a pikemon that knows spikes.

Use this link to see all egg moves for ferrothorn

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