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why aren't ash's pokemon in black and white evolving? i mean ash has captured the three beginers pokemon atlest one of them should evolve fully.he is keeping them all in level one

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Because it's a cartoon and the writers determine everything. Keep in mind that Ash isn't "keeping them all in level one," seeing as his tepig has evolved. Also take into account three facts:

  • Ash has more than 6 pokemon in circulation, so the amount of training is spread out more. Considering that five of his ten pokemon have evolved (three of which are already fully evolved, not to mention he hatched scraggy and pikachu isn't evolving) so it's not like he's being lazy here. Ash tends to catch a bunch of pokemon early and train them all at once, while other rival trainers tend to get one new pokemon (hence, writing gimmick for new challenge) and train them one by one, then get another pokemon. This means that Ash is at a bit of a disadvantage early on (but not defeating, seeing as evolution isn't the deciding factor of a victory within the anime) but he makes the comeback during the pokemon league, where it counts.

  • The arc of the series has yet to finish. There's also the fact that the pokemon themselves choose if they can evolve. Ash has stated before that he doesn't evolve them just for power, he respect's their decisions. This is why his bulbasaur had an opportunity to evolve with a big group of Ivysaur and venusaur, but chose not to because it didn't want to prove their point that evolution is the only way to get stronger.

  • Don't forget that the series likes a theme of this by pitting a pokemon against its evolved form, meaning that there's a chance Ash's Snivy won't evolve. They didn't iterate it that well with Tepig, but that's because his rivalry isn't the same as with Ash and Trip.

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but trips pokemon evole.i mean  his snivy evolved into serperior and his gurdur evolved to conkeldor
I know but DT is right.

A good number of ash's pokemon don't evolve.
Ash, is ash. He is a Pokemon idiot because the show is aimed for 6 year olds. Not competitive battlers.
Keep in mind trip follows what I said. He catches one pokemon at a time and has them all evolve because he has fewer pokemon. Ash caught several pokemon at once, so all the training is spread out, and thus, they don't evolve as quickly. Within the context of the show, Ash is not "a pokemon idiot," seeing as he places top in the pokemon league, meaning he's definitely an above average trainer. For us it seems stupid because the entire game is a big math test, so statistically, evolving really is the way to get better. Within the anime though, those rules don't apply, so it's not fair to judge Ash by the standards of competitive battling. You'd be a horrible person to actually use a life orb on a pokemon if they existed.

I suggest looking at this:

And of course, let's ignore all his pokemon that already have evolve and just pretend they didn't.../sarcasm
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Ash always have weak pokemon , he wants them to be strong as who they are , example=dawns piplup , buizel , pikachu , gible , corpish , (those pokemon didnt want to evolve)

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