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Learns Aura Sphere at level 93. Bit late.
Learns Psystrike at level 100. Woah.
Zekrom & Reshiram
Both learn their strongest moves at level 100. That's a hell lot of training.
Judgement at level 100. Myaaah!!
I'm not giving any more examples, and this is about in-game, not competitive. I would like to know if there is any legit reasons why they learn good moves at very high levels. I mean, the Eeveeloutions only start learning good moves at level 71.


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Yes there is.

Say you started a new game in Diamond. You picked Piplup. You start with basic moves, like Pound. If you had you had stronger moves like Hydro Pump already, the game wouldn't be challenging. You would just plow through everything easily. The less stronger moves are there to keep the game challenging.

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Yeah, it proves to kids that good work pays off. If a 6 year old does a lot of work, he or she gets rewarded.

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Put it this way, of you are learning karate, are you going to have black belt skills 2 months into it? No, you won't, and the same applies to Pokemon learning to battle. They get better with experience.

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Well, even if it's a legendary Pokemon, every Pokemon (like a human) develops and strengthens with age. With humans, we can't even walk, let alone lift heavy things as babies. Same with Pokemon. At level 1, they can usually do no more than Pound, Tackle, etc. But as they progress through the levels (similar to humans getting older), they can naturally learn moves like Earthquake or Giga Impact. (Notice I don't coun't TMs. They're the steroids of Pokemon, besides items like Protein or Calcium.)

So in summary, it's just the progression of age/level.

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You can have a really strong Pokemon at level 100 after you finish the game and with the awesome moves you can have fun with the elite 4 and every strong Pokemon with your...lets say Zekrom.You also will have a really boring game if you have flame blitz for your lv6 chimchar.

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You can kill anything if your a level piplup with surf(Early game).I would know i got my friend to teach my piplup surf.Same gose for every over pokemon.Same for babys that are black belts.