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Rated vs. unrated battles?

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What's the difference between a rated and unrated battle.

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unrated battles are for practicing, getting used to using pokemon of all kinds. When you are ready, you can go to rated. This is for experienced players who can manage any kind of pokemon in the battle. In rated, you get a rank. if you win a match, you gain rank and if you lose, you lose rank. If you have a high rank, you will appear on the leaderboard, a place where everyone can look at the top trainers.

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Rated means that you get "Rated." There is this thing called a Ladder and you get points for winning and lose points for losing. Unrated means you just battle for fun :D

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Rated you face people in your Number Range. When you lose the battle you move down the rating list when you win a battle you move up the rating list.

Unrated is the exact opposite. You can battle anyone and weather you lose or win it doesnt matter.

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