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In RMT questions everybody asks for EV's but how do you calculate them.
Please help :)
It is really bugging me >_<

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Thanks SniperKingdra
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its easy ...first of all you visit this website(Pokemon database)and thn push Pokemon (top left) and after full list a Pokemon and seek for the EVs you get in this info get EVs if you beat a Pokemon wild or not ...3 EVs=1 stat point (eg)charizard lvl 49 has 150 sp.attack ,if you beat 15 alakazam and then you go lvl 50 the sp.attack of yours will go to 195sp.attack points!!!(3x15=45)(150 +45=195)pokerus the pkmn virus can double the EVs you get if charizard lvl49 goes lvl50 beating 15 alakazam you get 90 sp.attack points!!!as a result sp.attack will go 240!!!and there is more if e Pokemon holds macho brace it double the EVs you get !!if you are genius you will combine pokerus and macho brace and Pooof!! your 50lvl charizard will have 285 sp.attack if he could because every stat wents up only 85 points .:(to have the ultimate Pokemon you don't have only higt EVs but find a Pokemon with the aproppriate IVs and nature !!

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