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Today in SS I encountered Entei in the wild. I used Twineedle on it and poisoned it. Will the poison still be there if i encounter Entei again?

The really nice thing is if you keep running into it entei will have a satus on him but wount suffer poison so hell be easyer to catch

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Yes, Entei will still be poisoned the next time you encounter him.

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks now i just have to encounter it again :) victory dance! (o^^)o (o^^o) o(^^o)
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Yes he will be Poisoned, but it will do virtually nothing as he flees before the end of the turn, unless you have a pokemon with arena trap or something like that

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A: it will be easier to catch
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