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What are all the way of poisoning Immunity, Steel or Poison Pokémon?
Example: Soak + Toxic

Add on question: Can you poison Steel types if not using a Poison type move? For example, Toxic on Normalize Delcatty.
No, this was asked before, trachy :D Steels are immune to status, not only type :)
I thought you could poison them with Twinneedle
Really? Then the answer back then was wrong...hmmm...

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Here are all the methods of poisoning Steel and Poison types:

  • Use of Twinneedle* (Only works in Generation II)
  • Use Soak, than Toxic or any other Poisoning move.
  • Inflicting a poison status before its Steel/Poison evolution. If its pre-evolution was not a Steel type, Poison them, and when the evolve as a Poison/Steel type, they will still have the Poison status ailment.

From Bulbapedia.

- 12.10.2011 4:22pm

Also gastro-acid, worry seed, entrainment, and skill-swap for immunity.
Thanx, Sam and SF
If you switch arceus' plate after it is poisoned, it remains poisoned