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Kanto... the last time you face red... or the first if you face him once... I got to kanto and got 2 badges and I need to know when you face red to get kanto starters...i need bulbasaur because I desperatley need a powerful grass pokemon... my weepinbell isnt that great...

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Beat every Kanto Gym Leader. Go to Prof. Oak. Go to Victory Road entrance. Go West. Go to Mount Silver. Go to the top. Face Red. You can face him multiple times. Just beat the Elite 4 again to face Red again after beating him the first time and he will be there. Do this again to face him again.

Thanks... so after you beat red you can get the starter and then use the starter for elite four??
Yep, although you might be able to get the Kanto starter after only getting all the Kanto badges. I'm not sure. I've heard you can but I got it after Red because Ididn't know about it till then.
Yes, thats right!
Alright thanks!!