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If you can, please attach the picture to your answer.

I think he means Sugimori art.
google is awesome
I don't think there was any, the only two that I can find are the firered/leafgreen and red/blue/green ones
I've done a bit of looking, and now I'm pretty sure that there isn't one
So...should I just hide this?

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After checking multiple websites, and even scrolling through Bulbapedia's massive database for Sugimori art, I see nothing relating to his art for HG/SS. Curiously enough, if we look at artwork for G/S/C, Red's isn't there either. This may be possibly due to Red not being part of the main storyline of the game at the time, while the games he does have artwork for - R/B/Y and FR/LG, he is the main protagonist. This theory is further supported due to the lack of artwork for Generation 5, where he participated in the PWT.

Source [Red's FR/LG artwork is the page's main picture]

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I guess we can give up by now.