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In other words, if I start a new game as a female protagonist, then will my chances of getting a female as a starter Pokemon increase? Like, 12.5% male, 87.5% female instead of the other way around?

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No. Gender Ratio are the same if the Player is Male, Female, Genderless, or a mixture of both.

It will always be 87.5% Male 12.5% Female for starters.

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Upvote for your first sentence
Weird, huh? You'd think the game would try to apply the starters to the Players... Oh well. Thanks, and yes your first sentence was witty.
Along those lines, why is the HGSS rival always male?
I think i fall in the mixture of both category and upvote.
Haha make me an AR cheat for a Hermaphrodite Main Character rofl. XD
'Genderless or s mixture of both'
Your rival in G/S is OBVIOUSLY a mixture of both lol. have you SEEN his/her/it's hair????
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No,my character is a boy and I got a girl infernape and a good thing about that is that its got a 12.5% chance to get a girl.Imagine getting a silver shiny girl chimchar that would be like 1% chance.

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It's actually 0.00152587890625%
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