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I have a DS Lite.

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Actually Dr.Flame you do need a 3DS. You must get a app for the call Dream Radar to get the Pokemon in the Therian forms. This app is exclusive to the 3DS. Im pretty sure the Reflecting mirror is used to change between the forms.
>Three new forms for the legendary Flying Pokemon Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus are also available. When captured in Pokemon Dream Radar, they will automatically have new forms and Abilities. Their forms can be changed at Abundant Shrine when the Reflecting Mirror is used.-Source

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Yes, you just have to use the Reflecting Mirror on it. To get the Mirror, just:
>Bring Landorus in its Therian Forme to Abundant Shrine. -Bulbapedia

Unfortunately, you need the Reflecting Mirror on to avtive Landorus-T, so unless you use AR or any hacking device, it won't work. Or trade on GTS.

So yes, you do need a 3DS in the end. You need the Dream Rader app (credit to Unreconizable) to get Thunderus in it's Therian form.

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