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I want to start playing Pokemon, but I don't know where to start. I have ds and gba, but don't know what to play, but also how to play. If someone could explain all this I would greatly appreciate it.

                                                                                        Thanks, Pokenoob
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Go to a store like GameStop and buy a Pokemon black version. There are tutorials to teach you how to play. In the beginning it will ask ou what you want to learn and when it does select every option. Then it will eventually ask you to choose your starting Pokemon, choose Snivy. Then with this new knowledge enjoy your game.

In-game too
Snivy is the best comparatively with best defenses of the starters and decent ataking stats
Ok, ok. I was just curious. I chose Snivy for my first one too. Then I restarted and chose Tepig.
I have ALL of the unova starter pokemon
Seriously, who cares? Please stop, I warned you many times.
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Well you can choose from black or white ( in White version you can get a legendary Pokemon called zekrom in black another legendary called reshiram search for the pokedex and decide)
about the tutorial it's in the beggining of the game or search on the web (Possibily bulbapedia great site)
About choosing your starter Pokemon=Snivy for a difficult adventure (I didn't say this)it has great defense special defense and speed
tepig= for an easy adventure it's based on hp attack and special attack
oshawott=for an normal adventure it's based with all around stat's
well I hope that I helped xD