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I know it is a silly question, but I was wondering if I was the only one who thought earthquake, of explosian should be a special move.


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An earthquake is when the ground around you is shaking. Because the damage from that hits you, instead of some beam being fired (which is what most special attacks are) it is physical.

I still think it should be physical. Also, what about explosian.
Physical would mean the pokemon actually touching you.
They don't  necessarily have to touch you. Rock slide is when,
"Large boulders are hurled at the foe to inflict damage." straight from the attackdex entry. it too is physical. They don't have to touch you, it's the sense of the damage itself. as for explosion, it's the same idea.
I thought I forgot a move. Rock slide too. They should all be special.
It's all opinion, it's also to keep the types in balance. Most rock pokemon have high attack, so making most of their moves special would make things very difficult for them. There are still some questionable ones, like why sacred fire is physical. But it's mostly to compliment the pokemon that use the moves.
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I also agree with ohioscyther. However, I agree with DT on the movecomplimenting the Pokemon using it. ANcientpower for example, can be learned by very few Rock types because very few are Special.
Yes, I agree with that too.
A physical move attacks with something you can touch. Like Rock Slide, you can touch rocks. And Razor Leaf, you can touch leaves.