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It has 95 attack, explosion and etc.

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95 Attack gives it access to a few Physical attacks that widen its move pool for offensive builds that use 3-4 different attack moves instead of more support moves.

However, Explosion is worthless to Vanilluxe.

The designated Ice-type Exploder is Mega Glalie, with 120 Base Attack and the Refrigerate Ability that changes the user's Normal-type moves into Ice-types moves, boosts them by, and makes them eligible for STAB.

If you're thinking to yourself, "using my one Mega Evolution on a Selfdestructer/Exploder is a waste", you're right, but so is sacrificing one of your team at all if it's not even going to take an enemy down with it.

In my opinion, Self-Destruct and Explosion are pretty useless in Singles, and are best used in Doubles and Triples to take down two or three opponents with the loss of just one of yours by comboing it with the rest of your team making itself immune with Protect, the Telepathy Ability, type immunity, etc.

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No. It only has Avalanche, Ice Shard and Icicle Spear as its Physical STABs, all of which are weak compared to its special STABs (Freeze-Dry, Ice Beam, Blizzard), or it requires it to take damage first, and Ice isn't a good defensive type.

Usually Explosion is seen in its moveset along with special moves like Freeze-Dry, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon and Hidden Power because it's movepool is so barren that it might as well go out with a bang.

Is that why Glalie and Mega Glalie use Explosion?
Often so. Explosion has enough base power to justify using it on special sets because it'll still do hella damage, so pokemon who don't have or need coverage moves will often opt for it.