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For my Lucario
heres the moveset:

-Aura Sphere
-Earthquake/Dragon Pulse
-Flash Cannon
-Work Up
And can you give me a strong steel type move
Thank You

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Replace Work Up for Nasty Plot, then use Dragon Pulse. Nasty Plot boosts Sp. Atk to +2, so your other moves do more damage. I would recommend swtching Flash Cannon for Dark Pulse, better coverage, and Aura Sphere hits most types hard.

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Well, Earthquake would be the better choice to cover its Fire weakness. However, if your Lucario has better Special Attack, go with Dragon Pulse. Protect is pretty useless unless it's a staller, which Lucario isn't.

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That depends on your stats. Protect usually ISN'T the best choice for Lucario (Lucario's designed for sweeping.)

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