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In the description of dragon pulse it says the user emits a shock wave from its 'gaping mouth'. As far as I can tell lucario's mouth isn't very big, nor does it look like a dragon. I know in the anime it launches dragon pulse from its hands but I am still confused since in the description of dragon pulse there is nothing about hands. How, therefore, can Lucario learn Dragon pulse?

Game Freak logic

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Because it can manipulate other types of magic
Dragon Type is frequently regarded as pure arcane magic. As
Lucario can utilize other types of sorcery, such as Shadow Ball and the like, it's not too farfetched to assume it can use dragon magic as well.

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Easy! Game Freak Logic
The game freak makes it to learn it, and with some reason.
But however, here’s my own opinion:
-Firstly, Dragon type are regarded as pure magic which Kygore has mention.
-Secondly, Look at this image:

Lucario wasn’t using its mouth to use dragon pulse, but it’s use it hand and do dragon pulse. Which means dragon pulse does not need any use of mouth, it’s own power could do it.
3. Being look more powerful
Lucario was totoally one of the most popular Pokemon, which makes me think maybe Game Freak like the design so want to give it looked very powerful.

However, these are only my opinion, ask game freak was more successful.
Hope it helps!

Wow, guzzlord
That's so cool how the beam looks like a little dragon