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This is how it works.
Example: I have any Pokemon. Assume the base stats are the same; in fact; let's assume it's a Mew. If I'm taking a physical hit, will 252 Def or 252 HP help me survive more? Cause it seems like it'd be 252 Def, as 252 HP takes physical and special, so would probably protect less to balance things out.

I'm tires so I'm not gonna write a really detailed answer, but yes.

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252Atk Aggron (Neutral) Earthquake vs 0HP/252Def Mew (Neutral): 22% - 26% (77 - 91 HP). Guaranteed 5HKO.

252Atk Aggron (Neutral) Earthquake vs 252HP/0Def Mew (Neutral): 24% - 28% (97 - 115 HP). Guaranteed 5HKO.

Yes, 252 Defense lets you take physical hits slightly better than 252 HP.

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Hp raises the HP allowing you to take more hits. Def raises your defense to decrease the damage taken.

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