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Is there anything except for a huge space and a pokecenter?

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What is special about Black City is the rare items you can collect in the Item Shop. Another thing is the Battles you have there, which contain rare Pokemon. That means you find these rare Pokemon on the GTS, a plus. In the Item Shop, the price of the Items depends on the Pass Powers you used in the Entralink. Using a certain Pass Power lowers the price of these Items, but are expensive without it.

More information:http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/unova/blackcity.shtml

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The Black City market is only present if the player has a number of four Trainers or more in Black City. Items sold here vary according to the current residents of Black City. Bargain Pass Powers will not affect the prices of items sold here. Black City is a sprawling metropolis with many large buildings and skyscrapers. At low level occupancy, there are fewer buildings, which are smaller in size. When using the Entralink feature to visit another player's White Forest, the player can invite people that have left to come to Black City to increase occupancy; this can enable new items to be purchased and new varying Trainers to battle.

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