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Do you guys think that the monkey trio are a good trio
Pansear, Panpour and Pansage


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Simisear might seem inferior to Emboar, but his base 101 Speed and
access to Nasty Plot allow him to distance himself from his
competition. With these tools at his disposal, Simisear can be an
impressive setup sweeper. As entry hazards are so prevalent in NU,
Simisear needs team support to perform well, which deters many from
using him. Don't be fooled though, as Simisear has many redeeming
qualities. His STAB Fire Blast is satisfyingly powerful, and he gets
Grass Knot for all of the Water- and Rock-types tearing through NU.
Additionally, he outspeeds the majority of the NU tier. Simisear might
not be top banana, but he's a great choice if your team needs a
straightforward, no-fuss sweeper.

Simisage is just as mediocre as its siblings. Being clearly outclassed
in RU by Sceptile, Simisage's only hope was to thrive in NU.
Unfortunately, Simisage's spot as a strong and speedy Grass-type is
still highly contested in NU: Serperior has higher Speed, more bulk,
and a more diverse movepool than Simisage. However, Simisage's
offensive coverage is better than Serperior's and it still has more
than enough Speed to outrun most of NU. Simisage also has higher
offensive stats, and when you combine that with Nasty Plot, you've
found yourself a dangerous sweeper.

Despite its appearance and reputation, Simipour is actually a very
effective offensive Pokemon in NU, putting teams under pressure with
its incredible Speed, great coverage, and ability to boost its good
Special Attack stat with Nasty Plot. Sadly, it lives under the shadow
of Gorebyss, who is the more popular Water-type booster in the tier
because of its access to Shell Smash, better Special Attack, and a
good enough Defense stat to take priority hits. However, Simipour is
still perfectly usable, and can distinguish itself from Gorebyss
through the use of coverage moves, such as Grass Knot and Focus Blast,
which Gorebyss doesn't have access to. Furthermore, Simipour can be
used alongside Gorebyss on a pseudo-double Dragon team, in which one
Pokemon softens up the opponent's checks enough so that the other can
attempt a full sweep, just like Salamence + Rayquaza in Ubers, and
Heracross + Pinsir in UU. Unlike Gorebyss, Simipour also makes a good
Choice-item user, and thus is a better option if you're looking for a
potent revenge killer on your team.

So yeah Thhet are pretty good Pokemon

Credit to Smogan.

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Credit, it's all from smogon and this doesn't answer the question just says there role in Nu
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they are basically supposed to be a version of the region starters.
they are okay for game use, but not good in tiers as OU or UU.
they are all NU.

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what does OU and UU mean?
competitive use: OU= Overused, UU= Underused
NU= Neverused
All the tiers:
NU = Neverused
RU = Rarlyused
UU = Underused
OU = Overused
Uber = Uber
NFE = Not Fully Evolved (used with Eviolite)
LC = Little Cup
BL = Borderline
BL2 = Darmanitan-Z