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Well I just got an oshawott egg then after 10-15 steps the man at the day care center gave me another egg.After 30 steps he called me again to give me another egg whoa!!!Anyway I'm breeding Samurott Male with Ditto...The two don't really seem to like each other much.(19.8%)
EDIT=Now I have 4 oshawott's xD yey
EDIT n*2=my oshawott just hatched and another one hatched right after it (Say 5-8 Steps).

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That happen to me. Female: Rhyhorn  Male:Serperire

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This is not a glitch at all.

I have hatched about 500+ eggs. It could simply be you drop the Pokemon off, go and do something, then come back to the daycare with more than 256 steps. This is not a glitch. It happens to EVERYONE.
EDIT: Okay, again, this is not a glitch. There have been times where I dropped of the eggs, leave the house, get to the bottom of the stairs, and the old man calls me. This has happened more than once and happens to everyone.

This is not a glitch at all.

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'Cause in the Q he said 10-15 steps, 5-8 steps...
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Definitely. The most you can get is one egg per every 256 steps. Were you biking?

Source: My knowledge.

yes i was
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