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I know: Whirlpool+Mudslap, Leer+Fury Swipes, Bubble+Water Pulse, Growth+Razor Leaf, Light Screen+Toxic(great for wearing bosses down!), Nasty Plot+Flame Wheel, Endure+Reversal, Flail+Bite, and Quick Attack+Protect. What are others?

I am NOT choosing BA, this is for the sake of knowledge, if you have an idea, please put it as an answer. I'm hoping to get lots of combos from different people.

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Defense Lowering Move+Status Move+Attacking Move+Stat Increasing Move/Healing Move.

This is the best combo I found for Bosses so far. First you lower their Defenses. Then you inflict a status(Preferably one that constantly lowers health). Then you Attack them with their lowered Defenses and get off that(as Shofu would say it)MAJOR DAMAGE. Finally you increase your own stats(Preferably Attack) to get off even more damage the next turn. Healing move as final if you just want healing from non-items thought I dont see why you would.

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Nice one.
thanks but i wouldnt recommend it for anything but boss fights which is excatly why i always carry link boxes XD otherwise you run out of PP to fast
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Boss Suicide
Sunny Day is in action then have only one Pokemon use Memento+Synthesis now the boss Pokemon is doing -1 or -2 damage do nothing and have a laugh while you see the Pokemon struggle to beat you.

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Possibly my favorite combo (that is a little too good), is for Shinx/any other physically attack Electric-type Pokemon, Charge+Thunder Fang. It creates a build as well by making you very Sp. Def. tanky so you just boost your Def. stat to be unkillable.