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I only just noticed they have the same base stat of 500. It's distributed slightly differently (but EVs could easily make up for it). Scyther has much worse type weaknesses though. Are there any good reasons to use Scyther instead of Scizor?

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Did you ask this question knowing what is good about Scyther and just wanting to hear what we think?
I asked that question over a month ago
There is ways to choose scyther over scizor and scizor over syther but scizor is better in attack and is only weak to one type and scyther is weak to many types. scizor is better
Scizor is obviously the better choice due to its defensive stats and weakness to only one type..not to mention it can mega evolve
Give scyther eviolite and is bulkier then scizor, which is why he's on my mono-bug team.

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Scyther has STAB flying, which is better than STAB Steel (type coverage wise). Scyther has much better Speed Stat also, allowing for more possible sweeping. Also, you have immunity to Ground.

Yeah But Scizor is immune to Poison though and he only has 1 Weakness, fire. give him a focus sash and your set.
Well, Scyther is immune to earthquake...
Even if scizor isnt immune to ground doesnt mean scizor cant take EQ well
flying has more type advantage than steel?
No, there just aren't 6 types that resist flying like there are that resist steel.
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Scyther has the ability technician to power up weaker moves. Aerial ace has a power of 90 not including STAb, and infinite accuracy can be nice. He has higher speed than scizor, but still has swords dance for the nice power. Technician is the main reason people pick scyther over scizor sometimes. His type coverage is also different. Scyther has ground immunity and more type coverage with flying than steel.

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Scizor also has Technician.
Not with STAB aerial ace though. That gets great power with Scyther.
Good point, good point. Which do you prefer, Scyther or Scizor?
I honestly like both. Though I think Scyther looks cooler.
I like scyther best he used to be the ninth fastest pokemon in the kanto days
scizor does get bullet punch though, and 40x1.5x1.5x1.5=135 power priority. and that from a 130 atk pokemon... (the band set)
Scizor with focus sash, technician, bug bite, bullet punch, thief, and swords dance ends all things living.
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defensive wise scizor has pretty good bulk 70/100/80 can definitely some take hit, with 9 weakness or immunity makes it a pretty good poke. while scizor is pretty slow, trick room can make it up and with a sword dance scizor can be really dangerous x-scissor and iron head for STAB and U turn when encounter fire type plus sword dance to boost attack to a dangerous level .

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