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I read in The Official DB Pokemon League[Under New Management]
said something about FEAR. Is it an abbrieviation? Or just the real word
fear,where you are scared?(If this question should be on meta,tell me.)

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FEAR stands for Focus Sash, Endeavor, (Quick) Attack, Rattata.
It is a role of ratata and many Pokemon as well and is the abbrievation of FEAR.

This was adapted from the origional term in early generations when only Ratata could pull off the set.
The Origional term was "F** evil annoying rodent"

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It can also be the role of any other Pokemon that learns Endeavor, not just Rattata. You may want to add that.
Aron serves much better than Rattata. And I asked a question on this already. I'd prefer you not take the extra credit Goku.
i think rattata is the prime example because
a) it was first
b) aron is far better than rattata, so you'd be more caught off-guard by it than aron
If you wanted the FEAR Aron sweep, then check out YouTube. TheFlamingSpade has a whole video on it > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJxvmtCwAZY&feature=feedrec_grec_index
wow thanks!