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What I Mean is Do I have to do Something to "Interact" with Legendaries.

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Most Legendaries require an achivement or status of some sort, such as owning a Mystery Gift item such as the Liberty Pass, or doing something in-game to be able to fight the Legendary, such as have beaten the Elite Four, or beaten a Gym or something. Once those requirements (if any) are done, often the is a maze or area you must conquer. Once done, then press A to interact with the Legendary and begin battle. Sometimes Legendaries are not the interactable kind; such as Roaming Pokemon like Latios/Latias or Mesprit.

If you mean 'If I have finished all the challenges before meeting the Legendary, do I have to do something before pressing A (interacting)?', then no, once you have finished all of the required, nothing else is required, although in some cases there must be something in the background happening, e.g. the Snorlax blocking Diglett's Cave in HGSS can only be interacted with if the Pokegear is playing the PokeFlute station on the radio, though Snorlax of course, isn't a Legendary.

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Yes part of main game lengendaries you gave to walk up to them and talk to them they will cry(sound off) and the battle begins.Side story lengendaries will have a challenge to get to like Colibian will be in a cave where you'll need flash and surf but most side lengendaries don't require you to do anything( with the acception of Dialga and Palkia in Platinum)

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